The 25 Before 25 List

Hannah's 25 Things To Do Before Turning 25
  1. Give blood
  2. Learn to crochet
  3. Learn to ride a bicycle
  4. Run a 5-K 
  5. Start some kind of nursing program
  6. Hike the Little Grand Canyon
  7. Send in a Post Secret card
  8. Read Gone with the Wind 
  9. Get bangs
  10. Reunite with at least ten friends I haven't seen in 6 months or more (so far: Julie(JanFest), Tabitha(Jan 16th), Lindsey(Jan 16th), Mallory(JanFest), Tiffany(JanFest), Melissa (early June), April (July25th), Annie, Laura, Mrs. Laurie (Sept 16th))
  11. Jazzercise
  12. Take an anniversary trip with my sweet husband
  13. Put wedding pictures up in our house
  14. Volunteer in Thomasville (HOTC, Halcyon home)
  15. Take a trip to Babyland General
  16. Read the entire Bible
  17. World of Coke
  18. Make a return trip to Washington, DC 
  19. Make an article of clothing 
  20. Get a scholarship 
  21. Move 
  22. Send out Christmas cards
  23. Dance at UGA's Homecoming game Not going to happen, but I will BE there...just not dancing.
  24. Get a job 
  25. Awareness of dating violence